This massage is a lighter massage that focus’s on the connective tissues (fascia) that covers your muscles. This tissue can become tight and restricted resulting in chronic pain. The therapist will slowly work directly on the skin with no oil to accurately detect these restrictions and apply pressure accordingly to release tension. This technique is effective for pain caused by trauma, surgical procedures, inflammation and re-occurring injuries.


A deep tissue massage geared towards clients who are active and focuses on the specific muscles of the body that are overused and stressed by aggressive repetitive motion. Can be used to prevent injuries during training/exercise, reduce recovery time, promote flexibility and improve endurance.


A deep tissue massage with the use of warm heated up bamboo sticks. The therapist uses these tools to roll and dig into the muscles. Similar to a Hot Stone Massage but more therapeutic than relax.


A healthy way to relieve the aches and pains caused by pregnancy. This light-medium pressure massage is good for low back pain, leg cramps, swelling and shoulder/neck tension. This treatment is often done with the use of special cushions to allow the client to lay face down or they can also be treated lying on their side.


Acupressure and meridian massage being another form of ancient Chinese medicine is a combination treatment of massage, reflexology, acupressure trigger points and energy techniques. The main goal with acupressure is to encourage circulation and movement of energy through the 14 meridian channels in the body by stimulating the body circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems to relieve stress and anxiety, regulate digestive concerns, reduces headaches and migraines, and much more. Due to this many of the effects from acupressure and meridian massage happen after the treatment is completed and are more long term effects instead of immediate short term effects like regular therapeutic massage.


Jade Stone massage is similar to Hot Stone but unstead uses many different shapes and sized nephrite jade stones that are not only heated but cooled as well for an intense but invigorating treatment. The heat helps brings inflammation to areas to warm, relax, stretch and heal, while the cold reduces inflammation to help reduce tenderness, soreness, chronic inflammation, as well as fatigue. Benefits include strengthening blood vessels, increasing circulation, improving blood pressure, as well as skin effects such as smoothing, tightening skin and reducing wrinkles.


Graston refers to the use of stainless steel tools to break down scar tissue and scrape up adhesions and tight muscles. Perfect for post surgery, treating limited range of motion from scars/ tightness, chronic muscle pain as well as various tendonopathies. It is our most deepest therapy and can sometimes leave bruising on some clients.


Lighter pressure full body massage geared more towards stress relief and those who do not care for the deeper pressure massage. The goal of this massage is to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


A combination of a medium pressure massage using hot rocks followed by a relaxation or Therapuetic massage. Basalt stones are warmed up and then transfer heat by massaging and being placed on the muscles. This is then followed by a regular massage which can be quite effective as the muscle tissues are already warmed up. Ideal for clients who do not like a really deep pressure as the heat will reach the deeper muscles or clients who are really tight and need the muscles tissues warmed up before a theraputic massage.


A 30 minute massage that focuses on treating the jaw muscles. The therapist will treat the surface muscles on the face and then will also go inside the mouth to treat the deeper muscles. Ideal for clients suffering from jaw pain from clenching, problems opening/closing mouth or chronic headaches. This treatment can be 30 minute on its own or incorporated in a regular 60/90 minute massage. Clients often find this treatment a bit intense.


A deeper pressure massage that focuses more on specific muscles and problem areas of the body. Your therapist will come up with a treatment plan tailored to begin relieving an injury or ailment of the body and may take a few sessions. Clients usually experience some tenderness over the next couple of days.


A deep tissue massage with the use of suction cups to pull and stretch the muscles followed by a therapuetic massage. This technique uses the opposite force of a regular massage and lifts the muscles creating more blood flow to the area and releasing compression. This massage is effective for nerve pain or pain around bony areas that are hard to get to with regular massage such as knees, elbows, spine and hips. Most clients experience red/purple circles for about a week


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